5 Starting Steps To Your Own Web Business

5 Starting Steps To Your Own Web Business
By Jason Mann

Even if you are a savvy, experienced web
business owner, a refresher of these starting
points won’t hurt.

Let’s dive right in …

1.) Register your own domain name and get your
on a reliable web host.

Without your own www.yourdomain.com you’re
selling yourself and your potential customers
short. There isn’t *one single* reason you
shouldn’t have your own domain name and

You can get a perfectly reliable host for
$9.95 per month and registering a domain
name for one year cost as little as $8.95.

No excuse not to have them.

2.) A line of products or serives *you control*

Affiliate programs are great and they can put
serious money in your pocket over time. But the
real golden goose is your own products or services.

When you have 100% control over the product
you have increased leverage on how to employ it
into your business.

3.) You must have the capability to accept credit cards.

If you’re not taking the major credit cards you’re losing
*loads* of business. I guarantee that. You should look
into getting your own merchant account. I use a company
called, Ecommerce Exchange. Their steller and have
given me great service. Their rates are fair as well.

If you just can’t go that route, you can also use
a company like http://www.Ibill.com or http://www.WorldPay.com
for International businesses.

4.) Sales copy that is PROVEN.

I was speaking with a friend of mine the other day
and when I asked, “What is the number one thing you would
say stops new business owners online from making serious
money?” He replied, “Not having proven sales copy.”

This coming from a man who in 1996 wrote a letter which
resulted in selling 50,000 of his courses in under 9

Tack that on to what he has sold since then and you
have nearly 150,000 courses sold using the *exact*
same letter.

If your not using a proven letter, then you’re not
making the maximum amount of sales you could be

Creating a winning letter takes time, testing, time,
more testing, time, and even more testing. Key to
that is finding a reliable and quick testing ground
for your letters.

Which brings us to the finally tip …

5.) Developing a database.

Developing your own “in house” mailing list of targeted
prospects is without a doubt the fastest way to battle
test a sales campaign.


Simple … By building this database you accomplish
two things:

1.) You build trust between you and the list members

2.) You build a direct line of testing which can
be used to test letters, headlines, and get vital
feedback in hours.

Have a new headline you want to test? Send out a
“mini-ad” using that headline and 3-5 lines of
teaser and record the click-thru rate to the
page you lead them to.

Have a bonus you want to test?

Add that bonus to the mini-ad and see how
many people click compared to when you sent
out the letter without it.

Test one thing at a time. If you change the
headline, guarantee and the bonuses, then how
do you know which one resulted in the increase
of sales? You don’t. Wasted time.

When you’re offer is solid, you can send the entire
list to completed sales letter on the web and watch
your orders roll in. It really is that easyArticle Search, *if* you
do the leg work and test.