Why online radio advertising? As technology advances, the internet is becoming more relevant and accessible. According to the Pew Research Foundation in 2017, 90% of Americans ages 12 and older listen to the radio at least once a week. 90% of consumers are influenced by advertising. Coupled with the rise of online media consumption, the percentage of Americans who listen to to the radio through internet has risen steadily from 12% in 2008, to 57% in 2018. This study demonstrates the financial benefits of advertising with both traditional and emerging radio and audio entertainment mediums. Online audio advertising provides value to both the advertiser and the publisher. Publishers build trust with their listeners by delivering relevant ads to their audience, and advertisers reach their target audience which increases listener engagement and better performance results.

Online radio adverts provide a host of new opportunities. A recent study by comScore  and Spotify found that 70% of audio streamers don’t participate in another activity while streaming. This means that listeners give 100% of their attention to the media that your ads are embedded within. As an added benefit, this also means they can participate in your ads by searching for your offering or by clicking or tapping on your ads.

This calls for a Call-To-Action. A Call-To-Action tells your listeners to act upon the offering you’re giving them in some way that is unique to them and the “opportunity your ad provides them.” Now, more than ever, customers, and listeners can participate in the online radio ads you provide with their smartphones, or connected devices. This means that conversion is much higher for those that create special offerings for those that act upon the ad by, for example, using the code you provide them that relates to the streaming audio their listening to, or by clicking or tapping directly on the banner ad within their app or website. Harness this conversion tactic and you won’t be disappointed.

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