Ben Franklin’s Secrets For Success

Are you overwhelmed by all the advice on the internet about
how to become a successful small business owner?

The sheer volume of information is overwhelming and worst
of all, many of the “experts” disagree.

Every so often my business will experience a slow down and
this week was one of those weeks. I could easily blame the
holiday or the normal summer vacation period, but that
wouldn’t solve my problem.

I needed to step back and rethink my business plan.

The response for most online business owners is to pick
their favorite “guru” or “gurus” and start studying their

That works well for a lot of marketers, but sometimes I
like to think outside the box. There are some time tested
ideas that are universal and will work if applied to any

I studied Ben Franklin’s simple system for self-improvement.
The system may be simple to develop, but that doesn’t mean
it’s easy to follow.

In his autobiography Franklin talks about his need to
constantly monitor himself. Old habits are truly hard to

Although Franklin used this system to reshape his
personality, it can just as easily be applied to improving
your skills as an online entrepreneur.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, this isn’t for you.

Here’s a step by step plan to becoming a more successful

1. The first step is to pick the 13 areas of your skills
that need the most work.

Step back and take a look at your business and find 13
skills that would improve your performance. The hard part
for me is limiting the list to 13 skills.

I’m such a techno-dummy I could work on hundreds.

2. Put the 13 skills you’ve listed in order of importance.
Label them from 1 to 13.

3. Decide to spend one week working on each skill. Spend
time every day for a week working on improving that one
area of your business.

For example of you chose writing better ads as an area
needing improvement, spend daily study time working on
your ad writing ability.

4. After you’ve spent a week working on the number problem
on your list move to number 2.

5. After 13 weeks go back and work on number one again.
Follow through on each skill for another 13 weeks.

6. By the end of one year you’ve spent four weeks improving
13 of your biggest obstacles to business success.

At the end of a year re-evaluate your business and determine
which skills still need to be worked on and which ones you’ve

I know this seems like a lot of work. It’s taking time away
from making your first million.

Well I have to let you in on a little secret. Making a go
of your online business isn’t easy and if you’re not willing
to work at it, you’ll spend your time asking:

Is anyone really making money online?

Well there are small businesses making money online, but
they’ve done their homework and honed their skills.

If you’re truly serious about making money on the internet,
this plan is as good a place to start as any.

Don’t rely on luck. You’ll find the harder you workScience Articles, the
luckier you’ll get.

Wishing You Success