Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo to revive The Neptunes

The Neptunes project appeared in 1994 as a hip-hop quartet, which has existed since the early 00s under the name N*E*R*D. Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo kept the name and worked as a duo as a production duo. Since then, they have produced dozens of hits for artists from Jay Z to Justin Timberlake to chart on the Billboard.

In 2020, the project will resume its activities. Hugo spoke about this in an interview with Clash magazine and listed the names of the artists with whom the duo is currently collaborating: “We are currently working on several projects. I’m solo working on a soundtrack for a video game that I can’t talk about in detail. And so they produced for Blink 182, Lil Uzi Vert, Brandy, Ray-J, Snoh ​​Alegra, G-Eazy … ”

He also mentioned that as part of The Neptunes with Farrell, they were in the studio with Dua Lipa and Lil Nas X.

Recall that the year before last, Farrell threatened to sue President Trump for using his single “Happy” on his campaign tour in Indiana.

Watch a video below of how The Neptunes work in the studio.

Chad Hugo (eng. Chad Hugo; born February 24, 1974) is an American contemporary hip-hop composer, producer, and singer.


Charles Edward Hugo (Charles Edward Hugo) was born in Portsmouth (Virginia) February 24, 1974, has Filipino roots. His childhood was spent in Virginia.

In the summer after the seventh grade, during the holidays, Chad Hugo meets Pharrell Williams at a children’s camp, and the guys begin to try their hand at music together.

Later, they wander around in different musical groups, trying to find their style and vocation. Years go by, inseparable friends Chad and Farrell continue to dream of a musical career. Their music still does not find its listener, but the guys do not lose heart.

Carier start

The first success comes in the late nineties, when they are “found” by Puff Daddy, who has a reputation for having a sense of talent [source not specified 4122 days]. It is he who suggests The Neptunes (they already have that name) to make a beat for Ma$e, one of his “bad guys”.

The track “Looking At Me” is just the start, followed by a really successful “Superthug” for “N.O.R.E.” in 1998.

A year later, The Neptunes are already working on the album Nigga Please for Ol` Dirty Bastard. And Chad Hugo and William Farrell become young but promising producers. The year 2000 brings a stunning success to the southern rapper Mystikal, which he owes solely to The Neptunes. The beats of The Neptunes played a decisive role in the success of the album. It was at this time that they managed to show what they are capable of: different musical styles, directions and waves are not a problem for them. And all the work done during this period is successful both for them and for those with whom they have worked. The Neptunes become the first pop stars among producers.

Contribution to contemporary music

In 2001, The Neptunes, together with a friend named Shay, created the group N*E*R*D* (No one Ever Really Dies). N.E.R.D is practically a rock band, their music is a mixture of rock, funk and hip-hop. The group has two albums: “In Search of …” (2001) and “Fly Or Die” (2004).

In 2003, the first album “Neptunes presents … Clones” was released, selling 250,000 copies in the first week.

Now The Neptunes are no longer just producers who are invited to record one or two tracks. They created their own production label “Star Trak” and independently “manage” several artists, fully occupied with their careers.

Personal life

Chad Hugo, for all his popularity, remains an exemplary family man, his main character trait is thoughtfulness. Completely different from their partner and childhood friend, fidgety Farrell, they, nevertheless, are a very strong creative duet.