Only One Chance

Only One Chance
by Bob Osgoodby

This is a real life story, so bear with me while I give some background information.

We have a “free ad” section at our web site where people can place an ad for their business. Ads are submitted weekly and published on the web. Now, to place an ad, someone has to visit our web site and fill out a form, containing their email address and the copy of the ad. We try to make it as easy as possible, but the bottom line is many people are not serious, and don’t have a clue as to how to run a business on the web let alone promote it.

When the ads are received, we send an automatic response to the person who submitted it. Perhaps one out of ten has an incorrect email address and the response is returned as undeliverable. What a waste of time.

How do they think that someone could respond to their ad if their email address is incorrect? Not only that, but bad addresses are automatically purged from our file so their ad never even gets posted.

Going through our archives, I found some real gems – what do you think about these offers?

“Join our MLM and earn beg income”. This is either a typo or they are promising very little in the way of earnings. This person obviously didn’t proof their copy before submitting the ad.

Another ad promised huge earnings, but gave no contact information. Not a web site URL or an email address to be found. Guess they figure it is so powerful an offer, we will “beat a path to their door” – another waste of time.

“Make Money! Turn $10 into $40,000 CASH like I did” – but wait – this guy is using a free email account. If he’s making all that money, wouldn’t you think he could afford one for ten bucks a month – maybe he is saving all those $10 bills so he can earn $40,000 CASH with each one.

“You can make 500% Profit without investing any money” – need I say more!

“Online Pharmacy – No Perscription Needed” – I knew the medical profession had handwriting that was difficult to decipher, but I thought they could at least spell. Run, don’t walk to the nearest delete key on this one.

“Tired of the “Rat Race”? Free online training and no capitol needed!” Did this guy mean “capital”? I’ll hang on every word he has to say.

“Exciting,EasyandProfitable” – guess this person never learned how to use that big bar on the bottom of the keyboard. I think you see where this article is going.

If you are going to advertise a business on the web, and you present less than a professional image – you’re not going to do business. If you present yourself like the above examples, enjoy your “walk on the quiet side”. Most people are not idiots, and I’m sure the authors of the above ads are not either. But why give that impression? I sure wouldn’t do business with any one of them.

I read another ad for Web Design and the HTML coding in his ad was wrong. That surely built a lot of confidence in his ability to design sites for me.

Most people scan poorly constructed ads and simply “click away”. Guess they feel like I do. If you don’t care enough to write a credible ad, why should I think you’ll care about me if I buy from you?

Many people rely too heavily on the spell checker on their computer. This is a mistake. After you do spell check, get someone else to read it. When writing something, many times you get so close to the article, you miss mistakes that someone else would quickly find. Many words that are being used incorrectly will pass spell check.

Remember – you usually get only one chance to make a sale when a person sees your ad. If it is well written, and has an attention getting headline, you just might make that sale. If you want to do business on the webFree Web Content, get serious or people will come to the conclusion that you are someone who “Doesn’t Have a Clue” and look elsewhere.