What Tiger, Oprah, and Arnold Have In Common

I want to quickly share this key success insight with you because it can be helpful to you this week.

It’s 10:15pm EST (Sunday) and I got off the plane a few hours ago.

I’m in Atlanta on a business trip and on the way down I re-read 2/3rd’s of ‘The Power of Concentration’.

I love this rare book from 1918 and now thousands of others have changed their life with The Power of Concentration Success System I put together.

Enough about that.


Let’s get into something that really ‘hit home’ with me and that can truly help you.

I need to admit a big weakness of mine first.

I’m not proud of this, but I don’t mine sharing it with you because it can help many people.

You see, when I was first started my entrepreneurial journey 12 years ago I paid very little (zero) attention to the details of anything.

I was a ‘big picture’ type of person, I put no attention on the details and the execution of an idea.

Unfortunately I was SO scattered and this went on for 7+ years. Ouch.

Those 7 years were tough and even thinking about them right now can put me in a bad mood. :}

Then things started to change. Now at 31 years old I’m living my dreams.

Let me share with YOU an important point that helped me change my ways and live my dreams.

In Theron Dumont’s ‘The Power of Concentration’ he says this: (It’s on page 29 in ‘The Power Of Concentration Success System’ if you have it handy)

“Genius is but a will to do little things with infinite pains. Little things well done open the door of opportunity for bigger things.”

Re-read this because it’s important.

So many people do what I used to do.

“Mike, what is that?”

Here it is.

Many people expect something BIG AND GREAT to happen to them, but they pay little or no attention to the ‘little things’.

If you pay zero attention to the ‘little things’, do you really deserve great things to happen?

Think about this.

Isn’t the answer obvious?

Listen, it’s time for you to take your life to the next level and unleash your greatness, am I right or really right?

Ask yourself this:

If I was going to be great at the little things in my life todayScience Articles, what 2 actions would I immediately take?

Write down your 2 answers and then check them off when you complete them.

I want you to have an amazing 2005 and IT STARTS with doing the ‘little things’ and doing the things you don’t want to do right NOW.

You in?

Think before you answer.

Are you in?


Now let’s go!

You’re going to have a GREAT week.

You’re going to do the little things.

You’re going to be enthusiastic in your work.

You’re going to SHINE!

It starts RIGHT NOW.

Talk to you soon.

Mike Litman